Tuesday, March 18, 2008

RIP the captain...

twat - kippernapper (c) 1992

lock up your daughters, lock up your sons,
or you'll despair when the captain comes,
kippernapper, kippernapper,
kippernapper, kippernapper,
ignore the grin,
forget the beard,
it only hides his double chin,
the dread ship sails only by night,
it muffles the squeals of the stolen kids fright,
(aaaaarghh... mommy!)
once they're aboard they're under a spell,
the smug jolly bastard he'll go straight to hell,
alert all forces, get ready to attack,
he probably hides under an old plaggy mac,
fishy fingers! fuck off!
yeah that captain birds eye

Sunday, August 20, 2006

myspace twats

of course you've already seen TWAT on myspace

but you might not have taken the opportunity of checking the band member pages...

mike a.k.a. BOB State and member of Res Band

al a.k.a. mr big al of The Aran Route

sim a.k.a. simeon can be found in the top 8 on TWAT's myspace

paul a.k.a. pauly b

we don't know about frank and kev yet... keep 'em peeled!

Thursday, December 29, 2005

sit on myspace

TWAT have now ventured into the heady world of myspace.

Unfortunately they cannot offer many "taken from above" cleavage revealing photos.

They can however offer the deep and meaningful friendship that can only be found on myspace...

...so get adding!

please be TWAT's myspace friends

Friday, October 07, 2005

what does TWAT stand for?

Talentless Weirdoes Against Tourism

dictionary.com begs to differ

Sunday, September 18, 2005

the twat video is here again

hopefully this time it will work - it may take a while to download as it's 46Mb in size

clicky here to download

in a parallel universe...

another bunch of boys thought they were ready to reveal themselves in front of an audience...

how wrong they were...

video video video

Saturday, July 16, 2005

twat around the world

twat translated

here's the japanese for a start

あそこ, 性交, やつ

Sunday, July 10, 2005

alert all forces, get ready to attack...

he probably hides under an old plaggy mac

the TWAT video is on the internets!!! doop diddly oop do doooo!

i've uploaded it to a free hosting site called rapidshare.de
anyone on ntl or with a internet provider that uses proxy-servers may have problems -if so let me know and i'll try to host it somewhere else

TWAT video TWAT video TWAT video TWAT video

***edit*** rapisdshare.de is a piece of shit so i will have to find an alternative place to host the it.. one day the world will bow down to the majesty of the twat video ***edit***

i'll also put the file in my shared folder on soulseek

the collectors edition DVD will follow shortly - including director's commentary and a "making of" featurette. This video does not include the talentless weirdoes "controversial" final song which was aborted before offense was caused to a certain other nameless group.